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Our approach to weddings is that the event should be allowed to flow naturally and be enjoyed without the happy couple and guests being dictated to by a photographer trying to control the day.
We make this happen by putting alot of work in before the day has even begun; we spend time with you before the day to get to know you a little, a couples' portrait is a good way to do this as it helps everyone relax more on the day and helps you get used to having your picture taken - lets face it, most people don't like having their picture take at all.

We always pay a visit to the person conducting the ceremony in order to understand any requirements and rules they may have; we attend the rehearsal and do our homework visiting the reception venue well beforehand - this lets us know whats happening so we can be in the right place to capture those precious moments and you can go about enjoying your special day.

We have a male and female photographer, one starts the day with the bride and one with the groom. We don't like to interfere with the proceedings, instead we like to record the moments as they happen - telling a true unhindered story of the day.

After the event we spend at least 30 to 40 hours going through the pictures and processing them; you will be presented with the final results on a DVD for you to enjoy,  most importantly you are given full copyright of your pictures - no being held to ransom for your images. You are free to distribute them to your guests as much as you like.

In-depth retouching on individual photographs or albums is available if required.

Digital wedding packages start from £995 for a derbyshire wedding - this is from the start of the day up until the first dance! A couples portrait is £200. -if this is done well beforehand it's often nice to use the images for invites. 
For bookings of just a chat, call us on 07584 041 431 and ask for Chris or Lucy or you can email us here with your enquiry.

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