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Murder on the dance floor? Hopefully not!

One of the biggest changes in the wedding world, thanks to ‘Youtube’, is the desire for the bride and groom to have a choreographed 1st dance to surprise the onlookers. This is the only time that the bride and groom are alone during the busy day and can be an excellent surprise to the rest of the wedding party, if done well. You don’t want to be one of the clips on ‘Youtube’ that people ridicule. You need to seek expert help! How do you know who is an expert? All qualified dance instructors should be able to help you put together a routine to your favourite song but an expert will ask lots of questions before you even take to the dance floor. As an example they should be asking about the room layout, the dress restrictions, where the audience will be standing. They should also give you advice on music selection, photo opportunities and be able to interpret your characteristics in the dance. If you don’t feel you have this relationship, look elsewhere. As an example by finding out about the dress design, they can see if you can lift your arms above your head, will you feel vulnerable in a strapless dress if both arms are lifted, does the fullness of the skirt mean you can’t see fancy footwork, will the weight of the dress allow you to turn quickly, how will the groom avoid standing on your dress. Now you feel confident with your instructor, you need to put in the practise. To help save your money you don’t want to spend time going over the last lessons work, you should progress every time. That means practise in between lesson, at least 3 times a week, if not everyday. Once you have learnt your routine you should practise in your wedding shoes and try and simulate the weight/length of the dress with your underskirt or something similar. This will turn out to be the best part of the day as you both share the emotional experience of your 1st dance. Enjoy every minute of it., your guests will!
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